Thomas Birch

The Lord of Birchkeep and its surrounding lands


Thomas Birchkeep was something of a war hero in his younger years, earning much in the way of glory against the Bythennian Empire in their last attempt to seize the Marcher Kingdoms. However in his finest hour Thomas took not only a spear to the gut but also an arrow and crossbow bolt. The vicious wound has left Thomas in severe pain, and the injuries refusal to properly heal despite the skills of doctors has left him somewhat enfeebled. Thomas Birch has since become a stern man and hard on his only son, Heward Birch. When Lord Thomas learned his son had been galavanting around with a local peasant girl, he became furious and had the girl banished from the town under penalty of death and ordered his son to never meet with her again. This incident has lead to a falling out of sorts between father and son. Currently Thomas Birch has contracted some form of flesh eating virus of the face and has been bedridden for several months. Not long after he took ill a precious tax shipment was stolen while en route in his lands.


Thomas Birch

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