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Austrova is the oldest and arguably most important of the Marcher Kingdoms. Of the dozens of High kings who have ruled the Marcher Kingdoms throughout its existence, all but a few have hailed from Austrova. Though not the largest or most powerful of the Marcher Kingdoms, Austrova remains influential for having the most friends within the union and also possessing the closest ties with the Marcher Kingdoms chief foreign allies of Caliban and Bythennica.

Austrova is the furthest east of the Marcher Kingdoms, and as a result when the Bythennian Empire comes knocking with steel and fire it is the blood of Austrovans which forms the first line of defense.

When not battling the Bythennians on the field of battle, the Austrovans are quarreling with the Corlonnese in the courts and palaces of the Marcher Kingdoms. The rivalry between Corlonne, the most wealthy and powerful of the Marcher Kingdoms, and Austrova, the most prestigious and important, is a long seated one. The people of Corlonne have long envied Austrova’s position as traditional head of the Marcher Kingdoms and feel it is their right as the largest Marcher Kingdom to also be its head.

In recent decades Austrova has been in a state of decline. Repeated invasion attempts by the Bythennians have made Austrova a dangerous place to live, and the smallfolk have been moving west into Falland and Corlonne in greater and greater numbers ever since. It has come to the point that the other states of the Marcher Kingdoms no longer feel Austrova is prestigious enough to hold the title of High King, and though Werner of Austrova is the current High King it is doubtful the next High King after his passing will be Austrovan.


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