The Republic of Bederin:

Bederin is a nation of proud people who live in a harsh land. The Republic of Bederin is surprisingly progressive, chiefly due to the fact they are not governed by Warrior Kings like much of the world but instead are ruled by a council of chiefs elected to their positions by the upper classes. Despite this progressive nature Bederin still contains a largely downtrodden lower class and engages in slavery (mostly prisoners taken during war).

Considered savages by their neighbors, Bederin though primitive in terms of technology, possesses a powerful military and has a deep tradition of literature and progressive political thought.

Traditionally the King of Sylaria holds claim over the lands that comprise Bederin, but centuries of staunch resistance by the hill tribes of Bederin has given it sovereignty of its own.

Chieftain: Grand Chief Dymeir Brawn


Brothers of the Tor Donkeycow