The Kingdom of Caliban:

Caliban is a nation that defines itself as a land of courage and honor above all else and is ruled by a warrior caste of Knights and Lords with the heavily indentured serfs and peasants forming the backbone of the labour force. Though Caliban unlike the other Eastern Realms has outlawed slavery, the level of serfdom is great. Of all the Eastern Kingdoms Caliban is the largest and most powerful, commanding a large population and lush pastoral fields. Caliban commonly wars not only with the Bythennian Empire (often together with the Marcher Kingdoms) but also with the Kingdoms of Llyn and Kernow.

De Jure power of Caliban rests in the hands of the Court of the Lion, ruled over by the King of Caliban with near absolute power. Although the King in theory does maintain absolute control of the state, in reality the Kingdom is decentralized and each provence ruled over by a Baron is able to form its own policies independent of crown authority.

Monarch: King Philip the Lion


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