Church of the Patriarch (Monotheistic)

The Church of the Patriarch is the monotheistic religion of the Marcher Kingdoms. Outside the High Marcher Kingdoms, few people worship the patriarch but within the borders it is followed by a majority of the common folk and a few nobles as well. Founded by the great heroine Anorra many centuries ago, the Church of the Patriarch preaches of a single god whose divine will guides all life on earth and in the heavens.

According to scripture, Anorra was first revealed the existence of this single god in a recurring vision. In these visions she was presented with a figure clad in nothing but white and splendor, who told her that to rescue her people from the darkness they were surrounded by she must embrace the one true deity.

How the Church of the Patriarch is able to co-exist with the polytheistic faith rests on the fact that the Church of the Patriarch acknowledges the existence of the other deity’s, but not as full fledged gods but rather as manipulative demons and devils (albeit some of which are benevolent).

One theory of why the Church of the Patriarch is so popular with the lower classes is that the uneducated find the concept of a single god who governs everything is easier to grasp, however the Church itself claims the people are less corrupt of soul then the nobles, and as a result the Patriarch is more likely to reveal himself to common men.

Church of the Patriarch (Monotheistic)

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