By far the proudest and most arrogant of the Marcher Kingdoms, Corlonne is also the wealthiest and most powerful. A large land filled with lush forests and wide fields Corlonne is a place of great beauty and claimed by many bards and poets to be the most striking country in the world. Corlonne has a population greater then all the Chalim Confederation combined, a feat no other Marcher Kingdom comes close to achieving.

Corlonne’s capital Loc Brynae is built on a large island at the centre of a lake of the same name. Originally a great Elven city, Loc Brynae maintains much of the old grandeur of its past and is said by many to be the most beautiful city in the world, though not as great in size and majesty as Bythos.

The Knights of Corlonne are said to be the finest in the Marcher Kingdoms. The nobles of Corlonne are rich and able to afford the finest mounts weapons and armour making them true champions of the battlefield.

Corlonne often quarrels with Austrova over who is the rightful ruler of the Marcher Kingdoms. Though Austrova typically wins the Exaltment process, Corlonne claims it receives an unproportionate amount of votes, and Corlonne’s massive population warrants at least a dozen more which would allow Corlonne enough influence to win most Exaltments. Corlonne however is not bereft of friends. The Grand Dukedom of Renoux has long been a staunch supporter of Corlonne and has voted in favor of a Corlonese High King in near every exaltment.

In recent years Corlonne has been experiencing a boon, becoming more and more prosperous and powerful. Corlonne’s current King, Louis Ourvon has great dreams for his nation and intends to make his country the finest nation in the world at any cost.


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