Llyn and Kernow

The Sister Kingdoms of Llyn and Kernow:

The Kingdoms of Llyn and Kernow are both ruled by separate branches of the same royal family and in order to keep their nations close often engage in intermarriage with one another. Though they are in truth rather petty Kingdoms who independently are unable to compete with their rivals, together Llyn and Kernow are a regional power and often work to curb Caliban’s hegemony in the East.

Though militarily they are not the most powerful, Llyn and Kernow are influential to the north due to the fact they control the only land route connecting the Northern Continent with the south, and also work to stop any expansion of Nal-Din and the Republic of Gwent from moving north.

Monarch of Llyn: King Harold Branak

Monarch of Kernow: King Godry Branak

Llyn and Kernow

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