The Kingdom of Sylaria:

A land of dark repute, the Kingdom of Sylaria is the wealthiest and second most powerful of the Nations that make up the east. Sylaria, though staunchly independent embraces its ties with the old Bythennian Empire and does its best to emulate the legions and court of Bythos. Additionally Sylaria embraces slavery to a degree one would expect to see in the Empire but not the east, wherein slaves are not used only to prop up the economy but also to fill any number of domestic roles.

Sylaria’s chief rival is the Kingdom of Caliban, but also is commonly attacked by Bederin raiders from the north. Sylaria maintains good relations with Llyn and Kernow however, utilizing them as a buffer between Sylaria and the much larger Caliban to the west.

Monarch: King Regis of Low Mountain


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