The Bythennian Royal Family

Bythennian Royal Family

Emperor Calvin IX: The Emperor Calvin is a short stout man in his mid 40’s. He has been Emperor for the past nine years, since his father was slain by Marcher soldiers during the rout of his nation’s forces. Unlike his father, Calvin has little interest in glory through conquest, but would instead prefer to co-exist with neighboring nations. This new policy however has been met with stern resistance from the Bythennian nobility, who dream of a day when Bythos will be the centre of the world once more.

Empress Alexandria, deceased: The Empress Alexandria was the first wife of the Emperor Calvin. They married on Calvin’s 22nd birthday when he was still crown Prince of the Empire. They had a strong healthy relationship and had two sons together. Sadly she contracted smallpox and passed away 7 years ago.

Empress Theodora: Empress Theodora is the Emperor’s second and current wife. She is a strikingly beautiful woman with raven black hair and a slim figure, she is 23 years old. Their marriage was purely political, organized in order to forge an alliance between the crown and Theodora’s powerful family. Publicly their relationship appears strong, but rumor speaks of an uneasiness in their marriage. They have had one young son together. Theodora is a close friend and ally of the Emperor’s nephew Alexander Thapsos.

Crown Prince Alexis: Alexis is 17 years old and is the product of the Emperor’s first marriage. As the crown prince he has been raised to be capable in all things military and civil. Alexis is a promising youth with a bright future, however he is not popular due to actively following in his fathers footsteps, and is not keen to continue Bythennian conquests.

Prince Martin: Prince Martin is 12 years old and the Emperor’s second son from his first marriage. Martin is a confident boy and is very close to his older brother. Rumor in the Bythennian court holds that Martin is poor at his studies but excels in all things physical for a child of his age.

Prince Byron: The Emperor’s youngest son and the product of his marraige with Theodora. Byron is still an infant less then 2 years of age but appears to be strong and healthy.

Alexander Thapsos: Alexander is the Emperor’s nephew. He is 27 years old and a top ranking general in the Bythennian legions. He is active in the court and heads the faction that favors the continued expansion of Bythennian influence through conquest. Recently Alexander has been openly confrontational with the Emperor, opposing nearly every decree and proclamation. Alexander is immensely popular with the common people of the Empire.

The Bythennian Royal Family

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