The Order of the Tor

Secret police, spies, scholars, and monster slayers the Order of the Tor is the first and last line of defense of the Marcher Kingdoms. Founded 280 years ago after a brutal civil war shook the Marcher Kingdoms to their core the Tor was founded to ensure the security of the realm and all within it. Unlike most other organizations within the Kingdoms, the Tor does not answer to the High King but instead answers to the realm itself at the discretion of the Grand Castellan of the Order. That being said, the Order is still bound by the laws of the Kingdom and can be forced to answer for any plots or schemes deemed detrimental to the well being of the Marcher Kingdoms.

Core Tenet:
The core tenet of the Tor is to protect the realm and all within it from threats both within and without. The mission of the Order was left intentionally vague by its founders so that in time the Tor would not become obsolete and also that its jurisdiction knew few bounds. There are many conflicting views on how to fulfill this mission, some Tor-men believe the well being of the people is paramount, while others would rather answer to the crown. Some feel it is the responsibility of the Tor to protect all knowledge within the Marcher Kingdoms and to preserve its cultural and intellectual tradition. Despite these ideological divides within the Order, all Tor-men can agree that villainous cults, outbreaks of monsters and the undead, and political turmoil are perilous to the health of the realm and must be stopped at any cost.

Wings of the Order:
The Order consists of four wings, each of which plays a vital role in its operation. The Men at Arms are the most numerous wing of the Order. Numbering about seven thousand in strength it is the duty of the Men at Arms to protect the Tor’s various libraries and strongholds throughout the Marcher Kingdoms. The Men at Arms also work to maintain order in the realm in times of crisis, specially trained to combat monsters the undead and even disease and natural disasters.

The Stewards maintain the Order’s strongholds and perform most all of the Order’s bureaucratic duties. Of all the wings the Stewards work the most with outside groups, coordinating Order initiatives with other organizations and the nobility.

The Scholars maintain and expand the Tor’s many libraries. Their main duty is to accumulate knowledge on any dangers the Realm may face, from monsters to information about foreign threats.

The Agents are the most iconic and arguably most important wing of the order. Numbering less then 90 in strength the role of the Agents is to do the Order’s bidding in the field. It is the Agents who combat monsters, fight corruption in the realm, spy on threats both foreign and domestic and more or less do what needs doing. Agents of the Order are generally recruited at a young age in order to be better moulded to the Tor’s needs and also due to children’s higher likelihood of surviving the physical augmentation all Agents of the Tor receive in order to fulfill their missions. Each wing has three primary officers who all must have at one time been an Agent before being promoted to their current rank. Additionally the Grand Castellan of the Order heads all wings but like the high officers of the order must have begun his career in the Tor as an Agent.

The Order of the Tor

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